Join us on the 30th June in London for the Health Wearables & Monitoring Conference

mHealth Insight

Catapult Digital Health Wearables & Monitoring

Join us on Tuesday 30th June 2015 (9.30am-4.30pm) at Digital Catapult’s Wearables & Monitoring Conference (a highlight of the London Digital Health Festival – eight events covering a range of topics from personal data to e-mental health).

Keynote topics/panels will include:

”Let the Subjects Rule: the New World of Clinical Trial Data”, “Challenges and Opportunities for Wearables & Monitoring Startups”, “IoT Showcase”, “Sharing is caring”, “The Cancer-sensing bra”, “Turning Smartphones into Advanced Medical Devices”, “The Future of Infant Health Monitoring”, “Legislating Health vs Wellness: the Importance of CE or FDA Rating”, “Healthcare Goes Mobile” and “The Role of Monitoring in Fighting HIV”.

Key speakers will include:

Raed Abd-Alhameed, EM & RF Engineering, University of Bradford
Laurenti Arnault de’ Medici, CEO, WT VOX
Jonathan Chevallier, Chief Executive, Oxehealth
David Doherty, CoFounder, 3G Doctor
Ross Fraser, CEO, HouseMark
Richard French, Legal Director, Digital Catapult
Kirsten Hancock, Founder, BlueMaestro
Daniel Honeywell, Managing Director…

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